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144 responses to “February/March

  1. EternityMagazine

    Will be releasing one page per day.

    Covergirl – April177

    On the cover:

    Topshop Dress, Diane von Furstenberg Head bow, Juicy Couture bracelet.

  2. Seasonalhotbuys

    Love the Pose,Hair,Outfit,Backround And Apples Just dont like the face its Over worked too me :S Cant wait

  3. WoW!
    I Love It!
    But Why do you only post one per day?

  4. WOW!

    It’s amazing, period!

  5. really stunning, cant wait!

  6. wow !!!
    super !
    i love you !!!

  7. I can’t beleive how amazing the cover looks ! It’s gorgeous! Wow can’t wait to see the rest of the magazine!

    Hana Wolfick


  9. OMG! This is just so amazing! I cant wait to see magazine. You are an artist

  10. Lovely cover.I hope the contents won’t disappoint.

  11. I love it but you spelled Juicy Couture wrong. You spelled jiucy

  12. EternityMagazine

    I am sorry! I fixed it.

  13. Wow !
    I love it.
    Im not the type of person to be into Eternity but either way its great !
    I hope you realise how good it looks.
    It remind me of Alice In Wonderland.
    Great Job !!
    Bronagh97 x


  15. looks really amazing. ♥
    Looking forward to see the next pagers

  16. Wow…
    & I adore the colours! ❤
    Can't wait to see the rest (:

    C. x

  17. Amazing!! 😀 Love it.
    I want to see the rest! xD

  18. WOW! This is going to be amazing!

  19. I Loooooove it

  20. The cover is amazing
    The graphic is stuning
    The Juicy Couture article will be awesome
    So all i have to say is WOW

    A tip:
    Do a Alice in Wonderland issue!
    It would very nice ^_^

  21. Visitor, yo. (:


  22. Fucking amazing 😉

  23. Would like a new page :]

  24. Hey…
    Can i volenteer to be in your mag?
    i.e covergirl


  25. EternityMagazine

    On the cover:

    Topshop Dress, Diane von Furstenberg Head bow, Juicy Couture bracelet.

  26. Whoo Eternity 😀

  27. AHH i absolutely love the way you presented the contents and team lettering!
    lol i know thats a weird observation but i really liked it 🙂
    is there any way i could do something like that for my upcoming lookbook for on of the spreads?
    i just want to get your permission cause i wouldnt want to steal any of your ideas haha

  28. what font did you use for the bottom wording:
    “spring summer fashion!”

  29. The best cover i’ve ever seen love it!
    Can you pleaze visit my blog:alternative-magazine.blogspot.com

  30. Wow Thats Amazing!
    The Cover is Beautyfull ❤

  31. May I ask, what design software do you use to make the cover? Its fab!

  32. Gorgeous. Amazing. I don’t know what to say.

  33. But I’m sad that there’s only the cover, the contents and the editor’s letter

  34. The Cover – 1000/5 It’s THE best ever! Can u guys make a header for my blog?
    I love the pose, the apples, the background – everything!
    I wish I could make gorgeous graphics like that!

  35. Amazing! What such talent people have. I love your magazine and I can’t wait till the rest of the magazine out!

  36. It looks great so far! Great job!

  37. Hey,can u pls make a tutorial or something like that? pls♥

  38. This cover is beautiful!!! I can’t wait for the Juicy couture article ♥
    Keep going ladies!!

  39. WOW..! It´s amazing : )

  40. Wohoo! My article! Yay! 😀

  41. It does definetely remind me of Alice and Wonderland, and a bit of Snow White due to the apple the Covergirl is holding.

  42. wow! You have to make a post saying hot to do graphics that good! And, what do you use for your graphics?

  43. Sonya Jones

    amazing issue.
    love Juicy Couture…
    everything is so cool.

    me and Pauline in ETeam.)

    Jessika Sweety
    [on stardoll]

  44. Well.
    It’s too amazing to be a magazine. How you do that? It’s perfect! I just read old eternity issues.. ehh, you getting better and better. I love all – from colours & theme to text.

  45. süper şeyler var

  46. Well, not bad. I’ve seen better and i can make better, but it’s good too.
    Graphics aren’t amazing – it’s easy to make graphics like these. But i like theme.
    Anyways.. good job. Hope you’ll get better.

  47. Pauline Horoshkova

    Sonya,oh yeah))I can’t believe it either..
    And omg,cover is amaaaazing ❤



  49. These graphics are sick(in a good way)!! I absolutely love this magazine and it looks stunning! Best stardoll magazine ever 😀

  50. I hate Juicy Couture! So many people think that it’s REAL couture, when it really isn’t! It’s MASS PRODUCED, for God’s sake!

  51. EternityMagazine

    It isn’t meant to be the real Couture line, it is just the name of the brand. Juicy produce really good accessories, trendy this Spring. Also, they are good quality products and something a teen can buy.

    I doubt you allow to buy yourself a couture Dior gown, to say so.

  52. blueberry-dream

    I loved the issue, it’s fucking awesome 😉

    And I really liked the story, which is good, sometimes it gets a bit boring reading a long interview o:

    Although the grammar wasn’t quite perfect, Vasia did a great job 😀

  53. Sara/Dreamhorse99

    This is just AHH-MAHHH-ZIIIIING!
    Great graphics, great articles, great….
    Oh, well. Everything’s great!
    Great job! ♥ it!

  54. Yay!My writing! Eternity is the best 😉

  55. Is you was drawing a forest?

    PS.It is amazing!I love your magazine!

    Sorry?if i have mistakes in spelling/I am foreigner.

  56. Zoey Greene

    Really great graphics, and the Juicy Couture article was so good. On the other hand, the fashion apple story was just… well, boring and not very well written. It sort of sounds like something a young child would write especially the “She was suffering! She wished she had never bitten it. Later, she felt much better and went home” part. If someone was poisoned they wouldn’t just stand up a few hours later feeling great again… and the grammar is very poor.

    Overall great work. Don’t worry Mary, 1 bad article will not ruin E. I can’t wait to read the other articles and see the graphics.

  57. @Zoey Greene

    Sorry,but It was meant to be like that and actually,there are no any grammar mistakes.

  58. +It was not an article and the tone had to be different

  59. I thought Vasia’s article was amazing considering she’s not English 🙂
    And the graphics are amazing too 🙂

  60. VERY , VERY impressive. I believe that everyone would want to be Eugenia as she found her real passion, fashion, and she might be one of the bests Fashion Icons. Bravo Vasia…!!!

  61. I really don’t think that Vasia’s article will ruin anything because in my opinion, it was quite well written and it was meant to sound like a fairytale so the grammar or vocabulary don’t necessarily have to be that rich..
    Anyways, great Vasia ;D

  62. cloudydream2

    hi love it how did u do it?

  63. cloudydream2 // March 2, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    hi love it how did u do it?

    it is interesting for me too

  64. EternityMagazine

    1. Grammar was checked. Not by me, but by Charlotte, who lives in England.

    2. It was meant to be like a fairytale. Fairy tales are for children usually, so it may sound something like that at first, but agree – it’s more interesting to read fairytale then typical interview. Also, the fairytale was based on interview, and re-written to the final version in the magazine.

  65. Sorry but Where are you from&

  66. Sonya Jones

    i don’t think,
    that Vasia’s grammatik
    isn’t right.
    please learn english.

  67. I am loving this issue of the E! I can’t wait to see the rest of it come out day by day, I would like to agree with most of the above comments that, you cover was beautiful 🙂

  68. Uhm excuse my spelling, *your ;3

  69. The article about Eugenia had a very fresh, unique feel to it. I liked it a lot!

    But word to the E staff- your writing is littered with grammatical errors. Try to proof-read it more before publishing it. Proper usage of the English language could do a wonder for Eternity.

  70. Wow love the graphics, I also like the ones from the previous magazine. The story was also great, Vasia

  71. Is it all?

  72. C’mon, it’s all? 😐
    I want more! 😀

  73. EternityMagazine

    It’s not the end, read the contents.

  74. ohh, sorry! xp
    Can’t wait for the rest! (:

  75. You wrote “Most Largest”
    It’s either ‘Most Large’ or ‘Largest’
    Not both.

  76. Sorry Mary, but…

    The grammar usage is rather sickening. Reading the new article on Parisian fashion added to the mounting list of grammatical errors from the Eugenia article and Editor’s letter. I realize that many of these articles are written by people who’s first language is not English, but at least just admit when you have something wrong! It seems a little over the top when you defend E for every little thing, a little criticism never hurt anyone.

    And to Vasia:

    Your comment saying, “Actually, there are no any grammar mistakes” (Not to mention the comment you left has a grammar mistake, its ‘not’, not ‘no’) is a bit rude (Your presentation is also grammatically incorrect). Considering English is not your native tongue, I’d think twice before making I’m-smarter-than-you comments like that to people who’s first language is English, such as myself. I’m sure you didn’t mean to, but that comment makes you seem quite pretentious and ignorant.

  77. Wow! At first I didn’t really like the cover but now I love it! THE BOW!! ;D
    @Samantha stfu 🙂 E is perfect and who really cares about the grammar errors? (I know I spelt that wrong :P) everyone makes mistakes and not everyone has a degree in English from Oxford or whatever 😀
    Vasia’s article was really great! Something different! And the graphics are amazing as always.

  78. I did not aim to be mean.Actually,I don’t think that there are any grammar errors in editor’s letter nor mine and dora’s one.Especially,mine was checked by an english teacher,so I swear there are no grammae errors nor spelling mistakes!

  79. Nice!
    I really like the graphics!
    and sorry even though English isn’t my first language I noticed there were some grammatical mistakes in Vasia’s story, but it’s not a big deal we all can still enjoy the story! 🙂

  80. I bet that my article (the Juicy Couture one) is full of grammatical mistakes. So, I am very sorry for that, but my excuse is that I am not fluent in any language, though English is my strongest language. Therefore this may sound ‘pot calling the kettle black’-ish, but oh well.

    I didn’t find it difficult to comprehend Vasia’s article, however, it’s most definitely not 100% grammatically correct. So, I don’t find it wise to say that there are no mistakes, because trust me, there are. Fairy tales are meant to sound somewhat old, formal and breathtaking. So that’s why I believe that it should have been in ”proper” English. It’s not Vasia’s fault, this was a difficult article, and I respect her effort.

    It’s somewhat difficult to find absolutely perfect (and native) English speakers, but no, it’s not essential, the vibe and impact that the writing gives is so much more than absolute perfection.

  81. Wow (= the graphic´s are a.m.a.z.i.n.g =D

  82. The graphics are nice but they are no match for.. shall we say good oll’ Style Magazine.
    I only read the part about Paris and it was so poorly written!
    It was only full of bullcrap.
    Brunch in Paris? My ass.
    You clearly have never been there before ’cause guess what?
    There’s more to Paris than only “fashion”.
    You are blabbing about “Having brunch in Paris” while you have never fucking been there or have any idea what Paris is like.
    Sorry people but this just pisses me off.

  83. wow! how did you do that cover????

  84. Wtf? Chanel makes you classy, elegant, and sophisticated? It can make you look that way, but money can’t buy class.

  85. Hey can u pls make a tutorial?
    ur graphics are sooooo amazing!!!

  86. Hi your magazine is sooo cool. I love your picture, I just draw & take a picture of it and upload it onto my computer. Could you please take a look at my blog, It’s new, I can only send you my mag by Email, but I try to post look of the day everyday…

  87. I really love Eugenia’s ‘interview’ in the form of a fairytale. I can’t wait for the rest of the issue.

  88. The Chanel/Paris article was so poorly written. What a way to secure the french stereotype of croissant-eating, chanel-clad brunch ladies.

    Please find yourselves some better writers.

  89. wow, stunning, but umm how do u do magazines like this ;o
    how do you get the models and stuff ?
    do u draw em oor ;oo
    pleas tell me someone ?

  90. Can you please tell me what you use for your graphics and for your magazine?? I really want to start my own, and i dont know what software to use! Thankyou.

  91. Gorgeous Chanel outfit you have given me 🙂 Love it, but I want to see more!

  92. Bravo. This Eternity Magazine is Doing FIne.
    I have my own Blog and i would Wonder if you wanted to do an Interview about Your Magazine. Your Magazine will be Featured on the Blog for Everyone to See 🙂
    Contact: Demidoo34

  93. Amazing!
    How you do the art always gets me

  94. bluegreen86/Mel

    Mary, I see what you are doing and its horrible you used the girl with the dark skin last of the magazine, and her pose is very well, sorry if this is not my usual say but, horny?
    Not as bad as the last one, but still is very messy. I dont think Vasia is the right girl for the magazine, I see you dont like this opinion, but it is true its a disaster…

    anyone agree with me? You are true friends if you do, just let me know and I will feature you on my blog: thesweetsideofstardoll.blogspot.com

    Mel x

  95. in fact you can’t eat croissants with white wine! the croissants are for the breakfast and wine for lunch or dinner,… !

  96. Swaggalikemeh

    I agree Mel, its sort of…not a well-respected pose.

  97. hey i was wondering how do u make you body like that for the magazine? and ps i’m iloveryley on stardoll so feel free 2 add me 🙂

  98. EternityMagazine

    Although I realize Vasia’s article was second rate and not very well written, she is a close friend of mine and i support her work whether it is good or not.

  99. Love it! I can translate Eternity Mag into Chinese if you’d like. I’m not sure if you would need my help or not, but I’m just putting it out there for you to know. Good luck with the International Eternity! :}

  100. Mary,

    Its wonderful to support friends –

    But by not telling her when something can be improved or revised doesn’t actually help her at all. To grow as a writer, one needs the ability to develop and learn from their mistakes.

    Just saying

    Nice graphics though xD

  101. I hate it.
    I know why you post only one per day or less.
    Not because u don’t have a time, Mary. It takes only few mins.
    Just because you want FAME FAME FAME.
    Yes – it’s true. Everybody visits here Every day to see more oh-so-amazing graphics. And they’re dissapointed – cause you ‘don’t have a time’. No, u just don’t have ‘enough’ fame. It’s totally bitchy, cause you make your readers angry.

  102. Ah, i forgot to write why you do that! Cause all readers go here everyday, write comments, watch the magazine one more time. You can say now that it’s most popular stardoll magazine, but it wouldn’t be true, cause you just fool us. ‘To be continued.. check back tommorow!’ I CHECK! So? there’s NOTHING new!

  103. Amazing idea with ‘one article per day’. This will make the readers to check up the magazine everyday! But where is the new page?Everyday?Not really…

  104. I must be honest, I stopped reading the article about Eugenia, it was boring.
    Good luck next time Vasia, I will sure you will blow us all away!

  105. This is dragging on way too long..
    I have a feeling that the reason for the one page a day is because you haven’t finished the issue yet..

    Why not just postpone it instead of adding a page “everyday”

  106. Mel/Bluegreen86

    That wasn’t me who said that just to clear that up. Someone who is trying to cause drama made a fake username.

    So far the issue looks amazing!<3

  107. and just to clear this up; I’m not that Mia ^^.

  108. To mel:
    Are you saying that the pose of the black girl is inappropriate? If this is what you’re trying to say, I strongly disagree with you. This pose is not “nasty”. The word I would use for it would be “flirty”. It isn’t emphasizing anything sexual.
    And it was probably just a coincidence that the black girl is last.
    Just so you know, this is no disrespect to anyone whatsoever. I’m just stating my opinion.

  109. When you going to adddd newwww paagggee??

  110. Horrible how people are posing as Mel, Mia, and many more.
    Good job so far Eternity you’re blowing me away!

  111. I loved the graphics, but the articles killed it for me. Even if the grammar was bad, I wouldn’t mind…but the content does not make up for it.

    Mary, as an accomplished English student, I would be more than willing to correct the grammar for nothing in exchange. I also wish to not be credited. I love this magazine, and I’d just really like to contribute to the improvement of it.

    Thank you.

    Please contact me at cindyvanderwoodsen@gmail.com.

  112. By the way, you TOOK graphics from other blogs! Well, i find one, maybe there are more too?..
    [you just change skintone & model. Dress and pose are same.]


  113. To “wtf” please check your facts. Caroline is actually one of Mary’s Graphic Designers, so sje did not steal. Wow.

  114. Hmm…I must admit that there are many gramatical errors in this issue, but I do love the graphics. And seriously? One page a day? it’s been about a week or so and nothing is new. Please update and add more! If you do not, I’m sorry to say I won’t visit the site. 😦 great job! keep working hard!

  115. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    POST !

  117. Hello! Congratulations on the Russian addition to your Eternity Magazine – Eternity is well on it’s way to international stardom! But, if you’re ever looking for translators I can translate into simplified Chinese. :}

  118. You know, I can translate your magazine in French.

  119. I used to absolutely adore the old Eternity… but now it seems as boring as Style, most people only bother looking at graphics.

  120. looking very great, awesome graphics and the cover girl is looking beautiful , well done mary 😉

  121. Umm Hello I love your mag but hate that u havent worked on it that is just lack of effort…

  122. I like the mag, but i have seen the same page for a month now….

  123. well, I do like the magazine as I said, but it’s been more than a month and still no new page! do you guys just not care?

  124. Wowww! I love that xx
    Anyone making graphics? Please contact me I am paying up to 600 :((

    But THUMBS UP, that eternity mag is excellent!

  125. sweet,but i can do more.

  126. Your some show-off iswim really like! I know Chinese wow I’m great sadd…I was on your page (I was bored and it was raining outside) and you said you were wearing a DKNY Dress cmon like who would beleve tha? Bull….
    Also you lied to a girl I know on stardoll that’s another reason why I don’t like you very much. Ya show off ya :/

  127. This is fantastic! How do you make a magazine like this?? I want to make on too! And do you get paid for it??


  128. Jeez.
    I’m jealous of your graphics.
    May you spare me sometime and give me help with graphics.

  129. how do you do the graphics? you’re really good at it!:) I have a mag and i give a download in the side panel in my website, but i can’t do graphics.:(

  130. helooooo?????? anyone there????
    the page has been the same for over a month now!!!
    and also, your artcles are so poorly written! specially hated the paris one! heloo! strereotype!
    hope u get better with your grammar, it sucks!
    p.s. the new issue of Fierce magazine rocks!

  131. I like your magazine.It’s very,very fun.If you don’t read it,do it now.

  132. _RIHANNA_FAN_

    Sorry but thats so Stupid that you don’t Post!

  133. This magazine is great! I wouldnt wear that outfit in the maldives though

  134. I have a new site! See it and join the awards if you want!

  135. my site is :

  136. JOIN THE JEM AWARDS… visit my site 4 details…

  137. i love the cover!!

  138. AussieGrl / Rose19970

    WOW !!
    u guys have great graphics and stories!!!
    i love the apples theme u have !
    i was just wondering how u got the graphics like that…cause me and some friends wanna make a blog and we would luve to have graphics like that! they are beautiful!

    please reply to Rose19970 on stardoll
    or here if u cant go to my stardoll…

    thanx and have a great day!

  139. Nice tracing girls.

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