16 responses to “JUNE

  1. snaedis-inga

    Hi! love this magazine. It if fun to read this!
    I love it!!

  2. EternityMagazine

    This issue isn’t commented, cause of we changed a site conception a bit, and we used to reload here the issue.

    Eternity Staff

  3. Congrats……..very cool….im love your magazine

  4. This magazine is the best x

  5. hey these are some great tips! thanks!
    add my stardoll

  6. I think I prefer this to Style Magazine, its much less ‘full-of-itself’ if you see what I mean 😉

  7. rapcikiz

  8. Your online magzine is one of the best we saw! Contact me if you have jobs open, or if you need help.

    -claire [manager of suchi magazine]

  9. Very nice darling!
    I love your magazines
    i think there better then teenstyle magazine, but yet i have never read that but like 3 times?

    a.k.a. lola_rocks_
    please come visit my site!

  10. haley-stardoll

    I want in the magazine please !!!!!

  11. I love ALL issues!^^
    And I´m always excited about the next issue! =D

  12. Wait, how can that be the 4th issue of the list shows it’s the first one?

  13. U have an awesome website!

  14. wow, u guys had sum low quality graphics back in the day. its all about that .png lol

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