109 responses to “July

  1. Elisaveta1994

    Great magazine!
    But the kiwigoesbananas’ hands on her first photo (not the cover) are a bit short. But never mind. Good magazine, nice articles. 🙂

  2. Ms.Brigitte

    i love the magazine! 😀
    great job!

  3. xilda_lady_

    Amazing , this month’s issue is better. I must notice that the “pretty in pink top and skirt” are actually inspired by Betsey Johnson. The magazine is amazing! WOW!
    Eeek! I forgot to tell I love the making a presentation, really helpful!

  4. HRF.Magaizne

    I love it!
    It has everything a real life magazine will have – exept it’s about stardoll!
    I was at the release party and people will all moaning about having pale skin, and I am glad you’ve used mostly pale skin in your shoots.

  5. Ella || Rock-princess30

    Loved Every bit of it !
    Amazing !
    Anyone would love to be in this magazine.
    I Especially love be like a Celeb haha !
    Great ideas, Mary.

  6. This was a very pleasant read!
    Your Magazine Rocks!
    Great Job!

  7. nearlyyours2

    Excellent! So happy you chose Monique as covergirl, and her photoshoot is beautiful

  8. Dear Mary Walkerson,

    I have one word, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!! This issue is so much better then the past issues, I read EVERY word of the magazine! I got google eyed! AWESOME, GREAT JOB! KEEP IT UP! EXCELLENT! VERY GOOD! GOOD! WOW! AMAZING! ASTONISHING! COLOURFUL! NICE! BEAUTIFUL! WONDERFUL! Etc, so many words.

    Sameeha (Sameeha_Kitty on Stardoll.com) xoxo.

  9. wow, I think I am becoming huge fan of this magazine, really well done, congrats!

  10. Tainted.love_xx

    Wow, surprising [:
    I’ve read a lot of different magazines on stardoll, & after reading this one [my first issue!] I have to say it’s one of the best!
    Nice graphics, interesting & best of all, it’s just REAL.
    SOOO much better than style_magazine.

  11. Francie (franfech)

    Wow! This issue is amazing! It was helpful, fun and real. Fabulous job, I can’t wait for the next one!

  12. moonlight_22

    It was very good, i loved it.
    I read all of it, even the small print, lolz
    It seemed more fun and its just great

  13. OMG! Kiwi looks fabulous! Great Job Eternity!

  14. Fashion.Fantasy

    I actually read it 🙂

    one word: Fantastic!

  15. Isabella.arci

    I read all of it and i must admit that nothing is compared to Style Magazine.

    Also the graphics of the covergirl were horrible!!!
    And there were too many mistakes.


  16. Ugh…Isabella didn’t post this… it’s obvious…
    Anyway I love this issue and I know other issues will be great as this one xD

  17. Omg, i love it. ♥

  18. pink__diamondz

    EM, you’ve outdone yourselves once again!
    Great job, and I can’t wait until the next one !
    Much Love,

  19. I love this magazine. both issues are great. I just realesed my magazine at JewelzMagazine.wetpaint.com and have your magazine as 5/5 in mine. so check out what it has inside.

  20. Brilliant magazine!
    Love it!
    The ‘look like a star’ section is totally new to any stardoll magazine i have seen, so i thought that was good as it was original.
    Well done!

  21. iamthestory

    I totaly adored it… I dare to say that is better that the StardollMagazine…

    Really, it’s complete and ideal for a girl!

  22. Fabulosa*04

    I loved it and u did a great job Mary and I totally admires u for that. i cant believe Isabella said that(its probably not her,cause when I talked to her she seemed soo much nicer).the one reason I love this Mag is because its much understandable and fun to read,unlike style, its just long and soo boring i must admit.

  23. mz.know2much

    Absolute perfection in every way. It was a great read, and how I can’t wait to see if we actually do get Prada on Stardoll, its one of my fave brands.

  24. Mileycyris21400

    This is my favorite mag on stardoll
    keep up the good work Eterity mag!

  25. Mileycyris21400

    By the way, How do you get your medoll to do different poses like in the one when shes kneeling on a bed?

  26. Isabella.Arci

    ” Isabella.arci Says:
    July 2, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    I read all of it and i must admit that nothing is compared to Style Magazine.

    Also the graphics of the covergirl were horrible!!!
    And there were too many mistakes.


    The abovementioned comment was not me. That would be the work of some little girl who just wants to stir a bit of a commotion.

    I have left my comment with the owner through doll mail.


  27. EternityMagazine

    Dear readers!

    It wasn’t Isabella.Arci on this comment:

    ” Isabella.arci Says:
    July 2, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    I read all of it and i must admit that nothing is compared to Style Magazine.

    Also the graphics of the covergirl were horrible!!!
    And there were too many mistakes.


    She contacted me and my workers, saying the truth, and it is right. At first,in her second comment (TRUE Isabella) you can see a mark “-xoxoIsabella.Arci” as she always write like that, so don’t be dissapointed!

    Kiss,Mary Walkerson.

  28. This issue was magnificent and so eye catching. I loved it. Best of any others :]

    LOVE it.


  29. u can put pics in ur presentation on way which u discribed… all other is great

  30. Hiya…Fab July Issue. All of you work as a really great team and have great talents!! [in fashion] hehe 😀 🙂 x =]

  31. twinky131.

    I Love It . I Have Never Read This Magazine , Sorry :/ But It’s Awesome!.

  32. matthew4erin

    hey love dis can my club be on here will pay gd price just add me & tell me da price on there or if u r me m8 send me an e-mail plz thnks hunny

  33. excellent,
    great job on the magazine
    i really like it 🙂


  35. Mileycyris21400

    avril_ellie this isnt really a advertisment comment board…. its for people to share their opinions / questions about the mag. just so you know.

  36. fashionnbible

    I love this Magazine! It is fun, fashion and trendy, and its CoverGirls are not Elites, but common SD users like everyone. The articles are easy to read and aren’t targeted to 30 year olds like Style_Magazine, and the graphics are very good!
    I’ll write about your magazine on my blog (globalizestardoll.wordpress.com)! You’re the best mag! Like Seventeen mixed up with Vogue! Congrats!

  37. Congrats on your magazine!
    It’s a great work :)))

  38. Once again… Great job!! I enjoyed a lot reading your magazine, i love it!!

  39. Hey, good work with the magazine, but i think i admire more stardoll–style’s mag, cause when you cuted the pictures on the program, i can see the hump, but anyways, i love the front page and the thing with mini-abercrombi 😉

  40. MagazineCritic

    This would have been a splendid issue, if you haven’t ruined it with the following amateur mistakes:
    1.the hairdo is abnoxious
    2.Too much spelling mistakes
    3.The first picture of the covergirl, not including the cover one, has too many obvious cuts, too short arms and too big head.
    4.I am truly dissapointed that you made a article with such a self-centered, un-modest, boastful, and extremely dumb person as Ashley Winston. I believed that this magazine won’t ever have members like her. I would be ashamed to publish such an article, especcialy with the ‘clever’ answers she gave you. With that article you had only pointed out her stupiditty, which did your magazine no good.
    -Im looking forward to reading your next issue, I hope you’ll improve and you can excpect my review on the next issue aswell.

  41. EternityMagazine

    Dear MagazineCritic or why you want to be (Duh!)
    If you are so clever, try to do the same! Make graphics, articles. and so on. The reason Why Ashley WILSON ( and please, speak about YOUR grammar mistakes, if you even can’t write a surname right) is that she is a model of my agency.
    If you don’t like her, it is personally your problems, and put them into your BIG head, not in ours. Thank you for understeanding!
    Eternity Staff 🙂

  42. MagazineCritic

    Eternity Magazine, I do think that you have putt an effort into your magazine and congratulations on that, but you could have done better, see, for example, Style Magazine to see what a magazine needs to look like.
    I wasn’t certain whether it was Ashley Winston or not, but knowing that I couldn’t posibly ever care of spelling her name right because I have no respect for her whatsoever and because I would never bother to waste my time checking my spelling accuracy of a surname of a person like her, I didn’t bother checking. And as for her modelling, you shouldn’t have hired her in the first place, because models are supposed to have style. And when I say style, I mean on the inside and on the outside, because you cannot possibly have style if your blunt and dull.
    The problem is not in me not liking her, the problem is that putting such person in a magazine about style, is like putting a knife in your pencil case. Have you read her presentation? Read it and you will understand what I am talking about, she could use your article ”Your account: making a presentation”, she desperately needs it.

  43. youlovelorie


  44. EternityMagazine

    MagazineCritic, sure, but agreee, not everyone must be like Style. It is not a magazine of agazines, and infact, about Ashley and Style..you’ll see their both will work together someday,you’ll see (I mean cover). So,what you will do then? Calling Style the best one?

  45. MagazineCritic

    I never said you should be like Style, when I said that a good magazine should look like Style Magazine I ment on great graphics and people who atleast got a presentation which doesn’t make you laugh your heart out.
    I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say that they two will work together, but if they do, Style Magazine will certanly loose it’s glamour and will stop being a high class fashion magazine in my eyes. But we aren’t supposed to be talking about Style Magazine, I am currently talking about your magazine, your mistakes, and I enjoy reading it, but I am pointing out your mistakes so you could correct them in the next issue. If you do, you would make your magazine shine even more than Style Magazine, and isn’t that what you would want? So you could consider my first comment rather an useful advice than a insult, you shouldn’t, because I find your magazine great, but you should correct some mistakes, and that’s all I am saying. Denying your mistakes is really easy, learning on your mistakes is outstanding, and then correcting your mistakes leads to perfection.

  46. Now that’s what I call a magazine. I have to say it’s a bit better than mine *cries*. BUT ONLY A BIT! 😀

  47. EternityMagazine

    Okay,thanks for the advices,miss Critic.
    See you in August! 🙂

  48. I CANT wait till the august issue is out!
    LOVE it!

  49. MagazineCritic

    You are very wellcome.

  50. I actually liked it.
    keep up the good work.

  51. beautycutiegirl


  52. I really love your magazine,
    nice articles and fun to read!

    Well, not all presentations are horrible ^^
    I think mine’s not so bad =D

    X Love, Kathleen

  53. I love this mag! i love the celeb style and the trendreport!

  54. This is such a great mag!!!

  55. cheesypuff354

    I love it!!!!!!
    keep up the good job

  56. This mag rox!
    keep it up gurl.


  58. this magazine rocks lol keep up the brill work!!!:)

  59. this is the junk

  60. Hey great Job! But it would be nice to see in here the hotbuys the stuff like what to expect to see in the shop and much more like a eye catching of things that really makes us want to come back for more these are some ideas if I had the time to do a magazine I would add stuff like that. something to add that I would love to see is about the designers…as u know how awesome designers we have in stardoll remember its stardoll…k anywho just my opinion

  61. OMG i love it and i want to no hw to make one 2!!!

  62. cool

  63. Great magazine!I love it 🙂

  64. this is very cool

  65. Wow! Your magazine is so cool! I like his look, ythe tips and I’m always reading it!

  66. Love this magazine!

  67. snaedis-inga

    love it!

  68. UN-emoliciousME

    Um, which program do you use for the editing? 😀
    Love the magazine btw!!!

  69. WOW how did u get the front cover

  70. thanks you guys this is great

  71. zsezsezsezse4

    This is absolutely awesome! Great job! 4 a while I was going to b making a magazine w/ some friends but then i transferred schools so we never did it. Cudos to u 4 following through w/ it!

  72. Its ok,
    how do u join the fan club?

  73. amazing! i absolutely, positively love it! i think this is the best magazine ever! keep on writing!

  74. super-jessie

    amazing mag!!! i love it^^

  75. Woo! over 10.1000 Views! Wonderful!

  76. amyandkatiesblog

    I love the magazine! You did a really good job! How can you get a job for the magazine/

  77. hi ! your magazine is so cool ! love it !

  78. PoisonxCupcake

    What software do you use for the graphics?

  79. shesamazing

    I love your magazine it definatly blows every single stardoll magazine out there out of the water amazing!!

  80. This is the best magazine ever!

    I love it 🙂

  81. Hi,
    I have a account on stardoll. and my club, well… it aint doning so good. by any chance can you advertize it on your magazine,wich i am in LOVE with!!!!

  82. what software do u use for editing and creating this. Can i have all the names. and for the pics and stuff.
    answer in my GB on stardoll
    luv ur mag,

  83. Lois ( Stardoll = Loiis.x3 )

    Heyyaa (:
    i was wondering..
    please add me on stardoll..
    i need to advertise me and my clubs && starbaazzarr

  84. Thisis an amazing magazien! How can you make this all on a Computer? Wow!, I’m amazed, truly!!


  85. This is amazing! I read the entire thing and it was FABULOUS!

    Add me on Stardoll, my username is franfech.

    Great job!! 😀

  86. emo-kid-sarah

    Brillant Magazine!
    Loving it to bits! :]
    I was just wondering do you pay for this website or does another website pay! i really want to find out because I want to do a website about this programme im making! Please Reply! Thank you
    By The Way Great Job!

  87. I live this mag! I wish one day to be in it. If you want to check me out on stardoll come to this address
    Leave a comment in my GB!
    Great Job on the mag!

  88. hi this magazine is awesome!
    but how do you post pictures of stardolls onto the mag, i also have a magazine and i really need help with it.

    your magazine and club are mint!

    lve gothfairy13.

  89. Love The Mag ❤

  90. Some of ur models look like they came from I-dress-up.com!

  91. Vogue.Boutique

    I lote it. Its so amazing. I dont know words which can describe it! AWESOME!.

  92. PrInCeSsEmZ_96

    Great magazine! Love it all!

  93. hey mabe can i be cover girl i’ll change my medoll if ya want but thats just a thought you dont have to. P.S best magazine ever !

  94. So...Inmagic

    So… I love yourt mag and you know that! 🙂
    Lizzie, ❤

  95. Josalyn.Posh

    Your magazine is absaloutly amazing! There are some spelling mistakes, but the graphics and the ideas are fabulous. Keep it up!

    Kisses, Joslyn

  96. Mary the mag looks great and the comments look how many people like it you are a truly ment to make magazines.

  97. i think it’s absolutley amazing!

  98. glamfashionmag

    (solciii in stardoll)

  99. Wow, love the hot, ot not part. But especialy, the make-up step by step. Cant wait for August ssue ;]

    -claire [manager of club suchi]

  100. Wow, this is a great magazine and i love reading it. it has all the right tips and everything! i have a magazine i do for my friends over email but it takes alot of time, this cerntainly looks like it takes ALOT of time. its intresting and very very spicy!

  101. Hello i think that ur magazine is very poorly written and isnt very Intruging. You could have done better. The Covergirl’s head is ginormous and i think u made urself look better then the magazine covergirl. But this magazin edoes have potential Ciao, Mwah

  102. Very nice
    1oo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo | 1oo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo
    Great work!

  103. Hii Totaly Luv This Magazine!
    Its Soo Fresh And New, This Is My First Time Seeing It Lol

  104. chachadancing

    This is such an amazing magazine. I prefer it over Style_Magazine. It’s a fun and easy read with amazing graphics and advice, tips, and articles and Stardoll member could enjoy. Well done.

  105. fanofhillary

    great magzine.

  106. super_star181

    I luv the mag it’s great!!!

  107. One thing I agree on for sure – Paris Hilton is a spoiled brat… Lol

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