79 responses to “August

  1. EternityMagazine

    Cover Girl: Ashwy Sawaii aka TheBlack.Secret

    Join the club: EternityMag

    Special Thanks to Angelica Isaksson and Hilda Krasteva this issue.

  2. This is gret!!! Amazing!

  3. NicoleMarie17x3


  4. its awsome

  5. I hope everyone likes this issue, we’ve worked very hard on it, especially Mary.

  6. The new issue is fantastic.

  7. Amazing!!

  8. Woww I love this magazine, is the best one…by faar

  9. It’s an awesome magazine as always! It took me an hour to read it actually xD

  10. Love it!!

  11. Oh my gosh,it’s great!

  12. Wow Mary! Thanks for featuring Me and Heidi’s blog and my nightclub! It means alot.


  13. Style_Magazine

    I loved this issue. Maybe sometime in the near future, we could both produce an issue together?
    Please contact me in my guestbook about it.

  14. Rock-princess30

    I Loved it ! Ash looked Stunning ! She is soo lucky to be on the cover of Eternity. Its every girls dream !
    Keep up your amazing work Eternity team.
    Much love, Ella.

    P.s Wow i would do the joint issue with Style ! ‘EternityStyle ! Wow it would be brilliant !

  15. i love the magazine!

  16. This is my favorite magazine by far! It’s fun to read with very interesting topics and fun advice and fashion tips that everyone can relate to. Plus the magazine includes all different types of Stardoll members unlike Style_Magazine. Well done. The No. 1 magazine currently on Stardoll!

  17. This is an amazing magazine. Always my first choice. Eternity just continues to become the best magazine on Stardoll. There are amazing graphics and fun, fresh, lovely, fashionable articles and tips. I love the way the magazine is down to earth and at the same time completely sophisticated and always fashionable. The perfect read for all. You’ve done it again, Writemarycat.


  18. Silver.Models

    I just am in love with this magazine. Keep up the exceptional work. One of Stardoll’s best. No doubt.

  19. stardollfashionforward

    Wow.. Fabulous.. Again! Thank You So Much For Mentioning Us At The End. There Will Be An Article On This Issue In The Blog Shortly :).

  20. A Stardoll Girlie

    This mag is da bestest!!!!!!!!!

  21. BeverlyHillsHei

    Always getting better. Well done, writemarycat and the whole Eternity team. I just love reading each monthly issue. Can’t wait for the next issue of Eternity Magazine. You have outdone yourself.

  22. My favorite magazine over the rest. It’s fun, creative, fashionable, and tells it like it is. This magazine is becoming BIG.

  23. Emily dear !

    alll i have to say is sweett!!!!! Always will luvie this mag. totalli mwah fave!!!

  24. PollyRoger aka Sarah

    Hello. My Stardoll name is PollyRoger. This is the ultimate Stardoll Mag. Many find i much better than Style_Magazine. That magazine is just a bunch of Elite shit. This magazine will always be a keeper! My rating: 5/5 plus more.

  25. Always the best, writemarycat.

  26. Thank you so much, Eternity Magazine for featuring my club in this issue. Btw, I just adore the mag!

  27. Hello there. It’s Callanthe from Stardoll. I just love this magazine. It is most deffinatlly Stardoll’s best magazine.

  28. WOW-This magazine is outstanding. Much love to the Eternity team.

  29. WOW!I LOVED this issue…It was fabulous and straight-forward all the way down to the end.

    Outstanding job Eternity team!

    Oh, and thank-you so much for mentioning me and Lou’s(xLou26) blog!The magazine will be featured in the blog shortly.


  30. cuteface3000

    i loved it, but i was wondering why none of the two articles that i wrote for the magazine never ended up in the magazine. wasn’t part of winning the contest being able to write for the mag?

  31. Dei(To_Royal)

    To be honest ,I like this better than TeenStyle! ^_^
    Go Mary!

  32. 4231karamella

    okokokok!!!!!i like yr mag!!!its PERFECT!!!!100/10!!!

    ps:but u said we win a giftcode from stardoll!!!!i havent any giftcode!!!plz i need it!!!

  33. I do like this one but i liked the july covergirl’s pictures better. but this one is a succsess! love it and please keep on going with eternity! =)

    keep up your best and im am going to redo my presentation and my rooms!

    lola a.k.a. lola_rocks_
    I was wondering how do you choose your covergirls?
    please messgae me on stardoll =)

  34. Eternity Magazine all the way! Mary, your magazine is much better then the rest. It blows TeenStyle and Style_Magazine away!

  35. Eternity is most deffinatly the best magazine out there. I do not know how you do it, Mary, but you’re amazing at it. Recomended to everyone.

  36. Hello, It’s thats.her*. I just love you magazine so much. I enjoyed every second while reading the brilliant issue. Much thanks to the Eternity Magazine Team for making this such an amazing magazine.

  37. happybunny2121

    The best as always, Mary.

  38. I love the new clothing desighnes you put in this one. Cant wait to print in, and to see the next issue! Next out the suchi magazine at in the club, sichi!


  39. this is my favorite stardoll magazine it’s original and just amazing! keep on doing it!

  40. the owner of FindTheScammers thinks Melinka_j is scammer. WTF she is not scammer and i wanna remvoe her from scammer list.

  41. That was an incredible issue. Far better than the lateset ‘Style’ Magazine and ‘Flash’ Magazine. It is so refreshing to read something like this. I hope you go further in the Stardoll Hall of Fame in time to come! 😀 x

  42. Tainted.love_xx

    Really great magazine =]
    One of the first magazines I’ve actually taken the time to read instead of just looking at the graphics.
    It’s real, fun, and actually relevant to stardoll, unlike some others which try to be so Elite/’High Fashion’ *coughstylecough*.

    But one thing, & this is meant as ‘constructive criticism’ not as an insult, but I noticed there are quite a few grammatical and spelling errors. This is the first issue I’ve read so I don’t if the others are like that, but I just thought I’d let you know.
    But still, awesome magazine!!

  43. Love the graphics. I reall think this is so much better than Style and even the looks of Teen Style. Yo go girl, Get your graphic groove on!

  44. I like it so far..and the adds are a nice touch. It’s really looks what you would find in a everyday mag.

  45. elliot.parker

    I loved the DID you know, the interviews with Gemma and the cg, and the thing with getting the real celeb looks, and the marykate and ashley thing

  46. I love this magazine, I was very happy until I came upon the article on Gemma_W..I really like the girl, I have her on my friend list, she’s nice, she has a great meDoll and suite. But Im also tired of reading about her in EVERY stardoll magazine, because the same information is featured on her.

    Try someone new next time.

  47. I Loveee your magazine, but I think you should like get an editor to proof read your articles. I find a lot of mistakes when I read them.
    But anyways your magazine is amazing and your graphics are too!
    But just fix your spelling
    {it’s spelled advertisement btw}
    Much Love,

  48. Oh and I love how your issues have evolved and gotten better every month

  49. Vitez08/Dunja

    Nothing special..
    I liked the previous issue better 🙂

  50. this is the magazine I dreamed of making. But, unfortunately, my photoshop creations look like barf. )8

  51. fashionpassionmagazine

    it’s the best magazine check out mine too
    but this is the best

  52. I LOVE YOUR MAGAZINE! The articles are fresh, exciting, and aimed towards teenage girls. Wonderful job, and keep up the great work!

  53. spoiledjr555

    Great job! I love it! Very good graphics and my favourite article was ‘Your Account: Clean up!’ very interesting! 🙂

  54. I am stunned!!!! It is soooo cool!!!!!!!:)

    I only have to say one more word;


  55. love it

  56. Isa aka. Iamthestory

    It’s fantastic… For me it’s on Top 3 on Stardoll! Congratulations

  57. I love this issue Mary, you amaze me more and more every month, good job!

  58. JudyGarland.

    Great Job! Really

  59. Simply stunning, we give an amazing boost for you about this! Lovely.

  60. OMG Mary I feel soo bad for not attending the party.
    I have been away for 2 weeks now.
    Great issue I love it and CONGRATS to Ashwy .x333

  61. hi i have a club in it’s called candies23, i was wondering if i could interview the owner of this mag? and how would a person like me make my own magazine, plz tell me at happybunny568

  62. I loved the perfect look!I want to see more of what that girl has to say!!

  63. Ellie (elisaveta1994)

    Awesome, as always! 😉
    Graphics: I adore them. 🙂
    Articles: Very well written, I think.
    Covergirl: Congrats! You deserved it, yes!
    Advertisements: They look pretty good.
    P.S.: I really like the “Your account” articles.

  64. insidestardoll

    hi!!! AMAZING magazine…perfect amount of text (not too little, not too much) many great graphics and interesting topics! good job eternity! may I ask, how do you mke your doll graphics, what program, you can tell my medoll felysmelly12345 in my gb or add me as a friend and tell me

  65. check out my magazine oh and this mag is better than stylemagazine

  66. I was really inspired when I read the “Your Account” Column. Now, I feel so much better! Thanks so much…!!!

  67. I loveee this mag! 🙂 I cant wait for more!

  68. i ❤ it theblack.secret is one of my stardoll mates! -x luv he mag!!! -x

  69. ultimategirlz

    It’s brillaint but some of the wording doesn’t make sense! I hate to criticise that really is the only thing wrong with it! i don’t want to tell you how to run your mag but maybe you should get a reviewer who’s english to check it over. i would love to do it but don’t feel you have to listen i just feel it would make your mag 100/100 lol

  70. I love the account article!

  71. This magazine is absolutely the best one,created by a Stardoll user.It’s makes Style Magazine look like (sorry to say this) shitt!

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I LOVE THE MAGAZINE♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  72. ♥ Well Done it’s Fantastic!!!!♥

  73. Hiya i just want to say i love the mag its fantastic!!!!
    If ur on stardoll plz come to my suite (my name is Susan3) because i need some tips on my suite medoll and clothes and i would love it if u could help me!!!!


  74. Elisaveta1994

    Good issue. The Jungle theme is very interesting.
    The top 10 maxi dresses article is great! Actually, everything in this mag is great, but I don’t like when magazines has much advertisement in it…But never mind, WELL DONE! 😛


  75. what do you use to create all of the cool graphics, and how do u lay it out so nicely on the website?? nice! 🙂

  76. Cinnabon.Kisses

    OMG! I love the mag!
    Stupid&&Random question::
    How do you get the meDolls with the non-stardoll hairdos?
    xX ❤

  77. Momijigal911

    Hi. I am a massive fan of your magazine and I would love to be a model for you. I have just started modelling and I admire your graphic work so much, it would be an honour just to model for you. Many thanks x

  78. my name is georginamusic and i would like to become a staff member! please visit me

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