88 responses to “September

  1. super-jessie

    Mary the Magazine is AMAZING!

  2. Liza Georgieva (elisaveta1994)

    I like the new issue. 🙂
    Gabrielle looks very very good.

  3. Love the new issue, just wanted mine and Mysecketlover ‘s blog to be there =D be sure toc heck it out,,,some day!

  4. The new issue it’s Great !!

  5. Olivia (Puccapo)

    You are amazing Mary 🙂

  6. Mileycyris21400 ( Anna Mae x)

    Wow Eternity!
    great job this time, i think it was phenomenal!
    These issues from eternity are the BOMB.

  7. I luvv it. Just like all the other issues 🙂

  8. You Did It Again!

    It is amazing that you completed this in 3 days!

    I couldn’t have done that in a year!

    Well Done.

    Eternity stays on top of my MUST MUST reads..
    And thank you very much for featuring Heidi & I’s blog (

    Much Much Love,


  9. Amazing.

    I just have no words to describe it.

    It is wonderful.

    I love everything.

    Best issue ever.


  10. Undamyumbrellla

    Thank you so much for putting me as the ‘Hot’ look in “Hot or Not”. The magazine is just getting better and better!! 🙂

  11. Awesome! truly fabulous! You outdid yourself Mary, i’m sorry I missed the party


  12. Isa aka. Iamthestory

    Okay… I’m going to say it, this is the best magazine! That’s it…so much clever, feminine and cool!

    Congratulations to you all!!

  13. Love it Mary. The best magazine eva.

  14. Rock-princess30 Ella

    Mary ! One Word WOW !
    You could make a career out of this, its amazing!
    I Loved every bit and read it from beginning to end !
    Well done and Congratulations, i for one know i am going to miss Eternity so much !

  15. I love thsi issue, but im sad taht you guys have to take a BIG BREAK.

  16. wasnt the best

  17. It was the best ever, although i liked some issues better but i deff. loved this one =D oh and please come check out my stardoll suite:
    is the name =D

  18. sheck out mine i love yours

  19. xxLLISSAA

    I’m actually really impressed with this magazine. It’s amazing, better than any other I’ve seen before.

  20. Wow Mary, it’s awesome :DD

  21. Glossymagazine


  22. I love this issue, although its nothing compared to the one from August but still a good try ;] Mary I was disappointed with Nerd Glasses as a Must Have when they are Huge and hideous and also they’re weren’t a good variety of Excellent trends. Good luck on the next issues you’ll need it.

  23. Ah-mzaing,
    another job well done, Eternity.
    Loved it 🙂

  24. Wonderful Job! You officially stole many people’s hearts away with this issue. Congratulations for the huge results.

  25. It’s ah-mazing. The graphics are better than ever. The articles are … inspiring.My fave is the rolemodels – too much, too young article. I love Eternity! Mwah! LoL.

  26. _Awesome_, as always 😀

  27. OMG! Mary it is amazing! I am loving the part on Ashley Tisdale will definitly be following that!! We’re all going to miss you! Me especially I have no one to meet at DolceCoffee now =[.
    But I love you, cant wait till your back! xxx

  28. omg this is the best issue yet its such a gr8 thing to read

  29. Lovely magazine 🙂 Brilliant job! LOVE IT 🙂

  30. Mary…
    I have to say one thing.
    Brilliant work.
    Lorie also made the best interview,but guess mine was still damn good…
    All readers go in this link:

  31. Amazing. I really love this magazine

  32. This Magazine Is Soo Great I Think Its One Of Tha Best Magaines I Have Even Come Accross On Stardoll . .
    The Pictures Are Great I Luvv This Magazine . .
    Keep Up Tha Good Work . . X

  33. Mary I absolutly loved it. Definatly shoud be compared to the new teenSTYLE out. But it’s WAY better. SORRY I couldn’t attend the release party 😦



    ewwww undamyumbrella shouldnt have been featured.She totally copies everyone!Shes not original.She goes to peoples pages and basically mocks them!I hate the fact that you would include someone such as her.

  35. It was awesome. Far better than Style Magazine. I spotted a little spelling mistake on the Julenka-Angel interview. But nvm. It’s an awesome magazine!

  36. Wow… I’m speechless with what you girls managed to do in so little time! The graphics are amazing, as always, and the articles are interesting and not to long, which i think is great for the readers who get bored easily, like me! My favourite article has to be ‘Role Models: To much, To Young’. It is totally true what Gina wrote and Katie’s words are so right! I also like the ‘Your Wardrobe’ section, it always gives me ideas for my Medoll’s outfit.

    – Rute

  37. I have to tell it like it is! This issue rocks!!!! You Go Girl!!!!
    ~Da Diva~

  38. ah no affence, kinda suckishh i love Teen Style, Flash Mag, Juicy Mag + Style Mag

  39. i think it’s ace!!!!!!!!1i love this mag better than gossip-stardoll!!!!!!!!!!:D great style tips!

    bethbeth15(that’s my stardoll)

  40. styleshotmag

    way better than stylemagazine check out mine at



  42. Ah-mazing! Love it. Outstanding job.. again 🙂

  43. Congratulations, the new issue is fabulous!
    Ii helped me, a lot, with my eye make-up: I thought mine was good, but now it’s so much better and looks almost real.

    Thank you Eternety Magazine !


  44. I love the new issue also check out my stardoll blog it is soo cool :

  45. I love the mag.
    The Cg looks stunning..!!

  46. Magazine-Critic

    Before I start with my review, I would just like to say that I am making a account on Stardoll on which I will post my ORIGINAL reviews in which you can check if any of my comments were obviously edited, like it happened once before, or in case that someone is posing as me, like it happened once before. The account is Magazine-Critic.
    So, here is my review on the September issue, and before I start, I have to say that this issue is the best one yet, there’s no doubt about it and you have improved, not a lot i must admit, but you have.
    The good things:
    1.This is the best vertue of the September issue, the covergirls pictures look flawless they are a real sight for sore eyes!
    2.The cover looks really nice, much better than the last one, the colours are really fine.
    3.Your new writer, Gina Loughrey, is a real jackpot. She is smart, understanding and knows what she’s talking about and her articles are very, very well written.
    4.All of the graphics are very nice.
    5.Most of the articles are very well written.

    The bad things:
    1.The Editors Letter is annoying, your overdone show of affection for your ‘darling readers’ sounds really fake when you put it the way you did.
    2.Once again, grammar. You must understand, it reduces your magazine’s quality very much.
    3.You copied the background of Style Magazine’s covergirl pictures April issue backgrounds. Paint splashed in the background we had already seen in the April issue of SM. Being original is the key to succes.
    4.No reasonable fashion editor would ever put a person such as Springate in her magazine. I know very much people like him, I do not know why, but how classy can be a boy who loves to play with his girl dolly on a website made entirely for girls? It’s okay for a boy to like Stardoll, but to play with a girl doll? I find it disgusting.

    Overall, this issue was good, but even though your graphics are really good, I am still not satisfied because I think you need to work on making your articles more interesting to read.

  47. Lovely.

  48. I think you should completely ignore that Magazine Critic person, You did great and she/hes Just jelaous. There were no bad things, Your grammar was great (for somone who lives in Ukraine) And then theres the Style Magazine blah,blah,blah. Style is fading away fast, You are becoming the top magazine, Mary I know that you didnt copy Style, Shes old news. The paint splash was completely different. So overall Mary, Great issue. That critic is very un-realized and has no right to class Herself/Himself a Critic.

    Well done Eternity, I know you’ll always stay strong!

  49. at mary and her awesome team.

    I really really want to thank you for incliding me in one of your articles (kicking it old school).
    I’m so happy to getting the chance to model for your awesome magazine! I love to read it:)

    So thanks to you I really appreciate it.

    love LuxuRy91




  51. Magazine-Critic

    Siobhain, what do I supposed to be jealous at? I don’t understand. Her grammar was not great, if she lives in Ukraine and doesn’t know propper English, she shouldn’t write, or should hire someone who will correct the grammar. I know people that don’t call English their mother tongue, yet they write a magazine without any grammar mistakes.
    Style is not fading fast, it is not fading at all, and you know it. Your dear Mary is even their covergirl. What do you have to say about that?
    And yes, she did copy them, you liked it or not. Her paint splasher are not the same as theirs, but they are paint splashes. Not quite original, don’t you think?
    And you also have no right to say whether I am qualified to be a critic or not, who are you to judge? I am a critic darling, deal with it.

    -Magazine Critic. Love me, hate me-I do not care. xo

  52. Amazing magazine, really great graphics and very interesting. You obviously know a lot about fashion and magazine making – all your hard work on this beautiful magazine REALLY paid off – it’s GREAT!

  53. Audreyhep4 (Kayla)

    Mary, this is amazing. You and the team did an outstanding job!

  54. wow…so cool! 🙂

    but the hot or not think is really harsh :p
    the girl looks good and you said “what style is this?”
    like being unique is a bad thing plus, most people dont realise you can just go to there suites and change their clothes so they do not match 😦

  55. I disagree with the above post about the Hot or Not, it’s not harsh. It’s life. Critism is life, and showing what not to do is helpful in a fashion orientated magazine.

  56. I love the article on ‘My Perfect Look’. Its stunning!

  57. Siobhain(Siobhaon), you are completely insane!Her grammar is totaly horrible!
    And Style_Magzine isn’t totaly blah blah! You don’t have any taste in magazines! And she copied Style_Magazine, she always copies Style_Magazine, could she do anything without copying?
    Nooo I don’t think so.

  58. WOOOOW your magazine puts mine to shame and makes it look like junk ,i am well jealous that you can do all this i can’t do,I am complementing you but i am afraid jealousy is pouring out along with buring questions could you please please help me,How do you make the medolls Bend their legs and wotnot do you draw them on in photoshop ?… and how do you get the fancy backgrounds do you use HTML codes ??? Well thats the question Please help mee.

  59. Its me Anonymous My stardoll name is FashiongodS,could you help me out there ???

  60. hey gr8 magazine but i think miley n paris r gr8 riole models

  61. i love it, ETERNITY FOREVER!!
    congrats 😀

  62. Brilliant!
    Outstanding job !

    Absaloutely Ah-mazing !


  63. Yet again
    I love your magazine
    but if you made the dolls look;
    it will be a great teen magazine 😉
    just a sugestion

  64. Love it!
    great job mary :]

    x Veronika

  65. Great job!
    Gaby looks great, I only have one question – Why is there no Trendreport? That’s one of my favorite parts of Eternity Mag.

  66. Great job!
    Gaby looks great, I only have one question – Why is there no Trendreport? That’s one of my favorite parts of Eternity Mag.

  67. To KaylaMoss;

    we had to rush this issue out, and did it in a miraculous 3 days! Thats why it’s a lot shorter. But do not worry when we come back, we’ll have everything you love and a whole ton of new features, guaranteed!

  68. This issue is AMZAING!!!! I’m starting my new mag, mileymag but it isn’t gonna be all about Miley. But all i can say is wow!!!

  69. Thanks for reminding me that some people need a stone on their heads.Let me explain…
    Style and Eternity are two entirely different magazines.They don’t hate eachother they’re just not the same.And they needn’t be.
    Magazine-Critic please for love of God,we want to be unique.By the time Style and Eternity are two entire magazines,trying to find which is better is barely good.Eternity is a young magazine,Style has the grace.
    Three days is really little time to make…Would you ever be able to do it?
    About the put someone else to make the editor’s letter thing,I guess it’s just not a good solution.Original is the best so stay fierce ladies…

  70. what do u mean fay?

  71. Style and Grace, Mary. Well done.

  72. gossipgirlsd

    The issue is really brilliant.

  73. I think it looks great, but Xx–cornettelop-xx does make a point (I’m not saying I aggre at all) Just looking at other comments out of boreem

  74. Wonderfull issue.
    Im jealous.

  75. No words to describe my surprise!
    AMazing !

  76. love it, great job :]
    and I like the dolls ind the magazine 🙂

  77. 4 1 magazine we wait 10000000 milions years .. come on this is just magazine work !!! i thing u will be not so popular soon !!

  78. Good job Mary and the eternity team, can’t wait for the next issue, haha, a little late with this comment, huh?:]

  79. EternityMagazine

    Nope,Mia, it is always in Time!
    haha! 😀

  80. I love it!!! How can I become a model? I am on stardoll, can you please doll mail me? my useranme there is pahaniemi. Thanks! 🙂 ❤

  81. It’s really amazing!!! I love it!!!!…………<3

  82. It’s really amazing!!! I love it!!!…………<3

  83. Its amazing!!
    But topic about Hot or Not
    i dont like!Every body is person and isabella is very beautifol person!!

  84. Nice spoiler, Mary 😉

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