December 2008



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    OWNED 😛

  3. amazing:)

  4. Awesome!
    Lol It – Especially The Graphics!

  5. Mary, Gina. You are amazing editors, and this issue is the best yet! Great team, too!

  6. tiz okaii but da graphics were better in da other 1
    u can see all da linez and onlii da hair is gd diz just another sd mag

  7. We are all so happy with this issue, we hope you love reading it just as much as we all loved making it! But hats off to Mary – the graphics are sensational!

  8. This is the smexiest issue ever!

  9. Well done Mary and Gina! And well done to the E Team! (Including me) lol

    Love, Ash

  10. Loves it! FIERCE! See, I am being Tyra again :]

  11. love it!



  12. Great work!

  13. I love it!
    And great work.

  14. If Fay leaves a comment, throw a cake at her from me. MWUHAHAHAHA.

    By the way, love it.

    I love this issue it’s the best yet!
    Love the graphics this month

    Keep it up girls

  16. Michelle (YaelAlon)

    OMG Great job Eternity!
    Love ya’ all 🙂

  17. Nice! Love it!
    The graphics are amazing, great job guys!

  18. i love it!


    Its amazing! Fabulous!…I am litterely shocked at how good it is! lol. Welldone Eternity team and of course Mary & Gina!

    Stay Gorgous,


  20. It’s cool. 😀

  21. Yay! I love it. The Graphics and everything. LOL at Arna. It’s beautiful. You are seriously creative.

  22. good work! i think the graphics on the last issue were better

  23. So agree – smexiest! 😀
    Loving it!

  24. Love it!
    The graphics are amazing!

  25. wow i looved your BODY or LiFE? article

    and that you can be any weight as long as

    your happy and healthy 🙂 good issue :]

    i actually read this one 😀

  26. This issue was OKAY.I didn’t really like it that much.It seems sluty to me(the covergirls)….

  27. Fashion.Fantasy

    Something of it screams I-DRESSUP and ROIWORLD

  28. I agree with Fashion.Fantasy.

  29. And Mary work on your doll on Editors Letter.You enlarged your breasts and it looks WAYYYYYY SLUTIER.This magazine should be called “Slutty Magazine”

  30. Lol. “slutty magazine?” Who was that? What an idiot…

  31. Sarah_Is_Yellow

    Everyone bashing : Get over yourselves.

    This is the best issue so far, congratulations Mary and Gina! And thanks for featuring my mail :]

  32. OMG.
    Best magazine I’ve EVER seen.
    I’m not even lying.
    I’m speechless.
    you guys are amazing.

  33. What ever happened to the real ETERNITY, not FashionETERNITY?

  34. I know, Sarah_Is_Yellow, what is this? Shouldn’t this be a day of excitment, not jelously?

  35. Wow Wow Wow.

    (Please hold on a second while i get my breath back!)

    This HAS To Be The BEST Issue Of Eternity.. EVER!

    The articles were written perfectly and i must say i just loved reading them. They were professional written yet extremely fun to read.

    The graphics were outstanding, as usual but even better than usual this month!

    The covergirls, both gorgeous and talented gave us a brilliant interview.

    People say that no one is perfect.. well, sorry to prove everyone wrong but i can not pick a fault with this month’s issue. It is perfect!

    Well Done Mary & Team! And Welcome The New Staff.


  36. You all did a beautiful job–amazing 🙂 And real topics that are honest, helpful, blunt AND affect a very diverse age group! I swear if you put this in print, you’d be in forbes next yr as newest $millionairs

  37. Fierce but hot Mary! Amazing Job. I love it! The best ever! Stylish

  38. Magazine-Critic I think your being very immature. There is nothing about this issue that screams that, the only part of the issue that has a slightly burlesque twist is the ‘I Kissed A Girl – Her Name is Fashion’ article. But, that is only because it is inspired by the video I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry.

    I don’t get what your all bashing about, I personally was AMAZED when Mary showed me all of these articles.

  39. I just adore this magazine and everything about it! Though the articles were long at some points, I loved it!

  40. wow! this issue is amazing! 😀 the article about club is very usefull for me..& thanks for the help, Eternity!

    much love,


  41. Dear eternity Magazine,
    I really like your magazines. I have been reading them since they frist came out and i thought each one was better then another… but this by far was the best one yet.. well i think. I have been watching all magazines on stardoll and i haven’t seen any that match up to eternity. I really like hwo much feeling and expression you put into it. Its wonderful!

  42. A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!! LOVE IT :b

  43. AudreyHepburn.

    It was gorgeous!
    I’m in love with Eternity!

  44. Mary, this is the BEST ISSUE EVER!

  45. 😛
    I love it.Even though…I am a writer.
    People must stop being immature.The graphics are really good,why don’t you try and make better ones?

  46. I love it !! 🙂


  47. I Love this issue Its the best yet . But i really want to be able to do my eyeshadow like they do in the pics ! =] x 😀

  48. I love the new issue!

    Well done Eternity Team!

  49. This is the best issue so far.
    I’ts absolutely amazing!
    The Fashion and Beauty articles were great, the making your club article was wery useful-
    and Noelle and Britney were stunning as covergirls!
    I love it!

  50. amazin..
    so fab..
    kisses T.

  51. just to awesome for the world [!!]


  52. Heyy, no one threw a cake at Fay as I asked. >:C

    And forgot to say, my favourite arcticle was the one with the eyes… [:

  53. Omg you did it!I couldn’t wait!

  54. This is like, my 4th comment, but OH WELL! These arcles are really good!I realy liked the “Bodies or Life?” article. It makes me feel good that I’m not a skrawny girl. I like looking like I’m alive!

  55. Wow, just amazing! ❤

  56. LOVED the entire issue & especially the Fashion Worlds article!

  57. HollywoodVanity

    This issue is so inspiring. I love Eternity and all it’s articles but this issue tops them all! I’m glad you talk about important topics like eating disorders too, instead of all fashion, because people need to understand that you don’t need to be perfect to be beautiful! Love Tanya X0

  58. Great issue!
    I’m so greatful that I was picked to model the London Punk outfit, thanks girls!
    -Kayla Moss

  59. it looks very copied from i-dressup

  60. love love love it! (as always lol)

  61. Audreyhep4 (Kayla)

    I love the New York Prep, Milan and Paris articles.
    The styling is wonderful and I think you have created yet another masterpiece.

  62. Huh? fakeshake3,whats your problem? I thought you were friends with Gina and Mary,but now I see the real YOU.The sweety and so lovely Ellie…You are so true friend!

  63. Great magazine, shouldnt write so long texts..

  64. EternityMagazine

    They Aren’t long,Lolita. 1-1,5 Word’s page each (~800 words). In comparing with Style_,agazine’s (~3000 words)

  65. The photoshot is horrible, sorry.
    Blurry images, the skin tone of the body is different than the face.
    The last issue was better.
    And they have boobs. Too sluty, Mary.
    But the rest of the pages are good.
    I give 7-10.
    I was hoping for a wonderful photoshot. However, your photoshoot reminded me of low paied sluts.

  66. EternityMagazine

    MagazineCritic, I was so awaining for you review on TeenStyle…you missed them out? Or they are,as always – perfect? Haven’t I told you, that we don’t care on your opinion…?

  67. Looks like MagazineCritic just got TOLD!!! *giggle*

  68. worst out of all of them the first ever issue was the best now they get worse

  69. i agree with magazinecritic

  70. This is so cool! The best issue ever!

  71. i don’t like it,others issues was more cool,don’t like that

  72. Stuning graphics, i love it!
    <3!!!! Good job, best stardoll magazine!

  73. Magazine Critic, do you know what is the anatomy of the body? d:
    Do you even learn Science at school? ‘Cause that’s like…5th grade.
    Ooops, I guess there are no schools near you then…Or anywhere in the dump that you live, as the matter of fact. -_-
    So what if they have BOOBS?! Stupid. And if they didn’t, you’d nag about them not having them.
    Get a life, Eternity doesn’t care what you think.

  74. To reply to a few comments; this does not look totally like I-Dressup…despite a few pieces being borrowed here and there. But have you forgotten that almost EVERY if not ALL stardoll mags take bits and pieces, including Style.

  75. and to just second Mary and Dora’s posts…what wrong with having a figure, Magazine Critic? Would you rather they were like little boys with no figure to speak of?

  76. Dear Eternity Magazine,

    Each article written carefully and as good as ever. Helpful tips, good natured comments, and not bitchy trash talk from this magazine. Pure real girls with real lives. Pictures are not slutty, skanky, or trashy. Just chic, stylish, fab and inspirational. I could picture all of your writers and editors working for Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The W someday, and I hope you all do. Negative comments….none, unless we are discussing MagazineCritic.

    WIth love always,
    MagazineCritic, the way it should be. 😉

  77. Eternity,
    Just so you know, I am not the magazine critic leaving the mean comments, I’m just the editor of her, out to prove a point that may not ever be proven.

    But hey? Why not try?

  78. Amaazing issue, guys! Fantastic job, too good. Seriously, you have really topped yourselves off. Can’t wait for the next issue, keep up the fanbulous work!

    – Krystin06

  79. Hey, Greatest Everr ! I have to get my breath back 🙂

  80. amazing

  81. What happend with ”DORA BROOKS”, oh God/what a wannabe!
    Cm’on Eternity! Is Dora Brooks a good writer=NO! Her topic is sooo awfull that I didn’t read it!
    I’m likimng the other eternity better!
    Some writers are like sooo awfull! DORA BROOKS?? Wake up Mary, we are talking about writers!!!!!!!!

  82. sluttly pictures remind me of low paied biotches

    yes i can spell bitch right
    btw: mary sucks. wannabe

  83. and dont remove the comment
    i know you cant defend yourself

  84. mini-lily-cole

    Magazine cirtic, Real life women do have breasts, or are you a man, so don’t have any and are so immature you spend your time dissing peoples hard work and effort.

    I loved it mary and gina, it was amazing

    sasha xx

  85. This is real awesome! I love the “Lustrous Looks” column. Great job girls! Keep it up! Visit me on stardoll! lol. I am HissyKittie.xxxxx Great job!

  86. EternityMagazine

    MagazineCritic I haven’t removed nothing.
    I guess it was a spam alert,but I won’t bother to check

    And wannabe is you. Wannabe critic. But in fact – 11-year old jelaous girl without boots and old looks on life.

  87. Very nicely done, Eternity. In my opionion the content of this issue was top of the line. Great work. However, it seems you might be experiencing some image problems. Some of the graphics look too fake. For example, for some graphics you can tell the head of the model is from Stardoll while the body is clearly from another website. Once that error is fixed, you’ll be right on top once again, Eternity.

  88. EternityMagazine

    …Like that was Noelle posting,anyways, we’ll be trying hard to develop some thing now!

  89. Amazing,Love the graphics!

  90. nice! i’m a graphic editor too. if you wanna help… my nick name is ruaninha. perfect mag. congratulations girls.

  91. I adore it! So far, the best issue ever! GO E-TEAM! Yay! XD

  92. The Best Issue That You Have Ever Done !
    Can’t Wait For The Next Issue,
    I Have A Feeling That Its Going To Be Great.

    Keep It Up Girls 🙂

  93. Magazine-Critic

    Hello Eternity.
    This is the real Magazine Critic, I’ve noticed someone has been trying to impersonate me, but now I’ve made a account on Stardoll, Magazine-critic, where I can confirm what I really wrote. Soon you will get a full review of your magazine, as soon as I read it whole.

  94. wow. um. wow.
    i met with eternity last week and… i mean wow.

  95. Magazine-Critic

    Amazing. Eternity may even surpass Style. It has really developed into a extraordinary magazine. And for once, there’s no grammar problems! Congratulations. Writing a list of good qualities would be far too tiring,there is too much to write. What I liked the most is that you sorted fashion and beauty into two categories, and all two leaded by girls who are more than qualified for their tasks. Now for the few flaws I noticed:

    1. the old look suited Eternity far better

    2. I don’t think Gina Loughrey deserves to be a co-editor entirely. Mary Walkerson is the founder of Eternity, and the one who put most effort in it, and is putting now, as far sa I can see. Gina jumped in to help only when Eternity became popular, and I think it’s silly that Mary should share her position as the head editor.

    3. I think you weren’t judging the ‘Best Letter’ in the ‘Mail Box’ article quite fairy. The girl who won was just opsessed-fan talk, babbling and overreacting. I know her letter pleases Eternity team the most, but beachluverlily22’s letter sounded more honest and true.

  96. Magazine-Critic

    Oh, and as for the posers above me-never seen boobs before? I would never say something like that it’s rather dumb.

  97. EternityMagazine

    Oh,now I see a real one critic!
    The poser who did it before has got different style haha!
    Thanks anyways!

  98. Everyone who hate this magazine is frikkin’ outta their mind!!!!!!Who who be stupid enough to hate on it??Well anyways this isssue is thee best one yet!!!!

  99. Hello.
    Are You In Need Of New Writers Because I Would Be Honored To Help!!
    If You Want To Visit My Stardoll Here It Is …

    P.S I am Marie’s Cousin ! In Real Life !

  100. Mileycyris21400

    What happened to the Lumberjack Chic article?
    I loved it!
    But i like the eyeshadow part and the style-izer.


  101. Hi girls, it seems you put lotta effort in it, but I’m dissappointed.Awful graphics, bad ideas…What can I say?Eternity lost it…

  102. Gosh, guys! Back off. Eternity is going from strength to strength, and, obviously, nothing is perfect. Sure, there are tiny flaws, but if Eternity was exactly like Style, then wouldn’t that just crush the originality? I think everything in Eternity is ferosh in every way possible!

    – Hunni x x x

  103. Hey. I wanted to thank you for putting up Body or Life. I’ve always had a huge problem with my weight and everyday people tell me I’m too fat. It’s taken a lot of time to truly accept my body. I had to go through six years of anorexia before accepting that I don’t have to look like Gisele Bunchen. Thank you for putting up Body or Life, because I can truly relate to it and it’s made my day so much better. And I love how while every other Stardoll based magazine is so superficial, you can keep it real and down to earth. ily!

  104. Amazing job :]
    What’s the problem, always with you “Elites”? It’s like, you get all the attention and everybody are writing about you, so why you always make so much DRAMA ?? THere’s ALWAYS something going on! What now, writemarycat and who? Why??
    GKatrin xo

  105. Pretty Gorgeus , specially the makeup things .

    note : interviews sometimes are boring 😛
    Great Job!

  106. I agree with JudyGarland

    But the issue is

  107. I Love This Magazine Much Better Than Style! I Like Your Article On Clubs!

  108. I Love This Magazine Much Better Than Style! I Like Your Article On Clubs!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Eternity is a bad rip off of style magazine. Even though style magazine has a cold attitude, at least she doesn’t plan out publicity stunts like this 1 with (with fakeshake3) probably just to get Eternity a little bit attention. And what is she 13? See, she is obviously immature.

  110. Ohh emm gee!! This is so awesomee. Totally my fave stardoll magazineee. =D

  111. Ruby (Diamond-Pixie)

    Wow! I loved this, you made it so interesting and original and the graphics are AMAZING! Hope Mary gets better soon && that also the next issue will be just as – or maybe even more – stunning than this issue!
    Love, Ruby x

  112. forwardmagazine

    (In reply to Lala)
    Lala Says:
    December 3, 2008 at 3:49 pm
    Eternity is a bad rip off of style magazine. Even though style magazine has a cold attitude, at least she doesn’t plan out publicity stunts like this 1 with (with fakeshake3) probably just to get Eternity a little bit attention. And what is she 13? See, she is obviously immature.

    Eternity is a great magazine! How is it a rip off, if you can read it for free? And, its not a ‘publicity stunt’ about fakeshake3.
    Also, she is not the immature one. You are.

  113. One of the Outfits Is 100% Copied from Roiworld and so was the body, You could see the erasing parts on the body which made it blurry, A lot of writing I suggest not to write so much people won’t read it, Like me, Parts of the Doll Looks Anorexic, Boring. I loved Eternity before and was a huge fan but now It’s just changed and lacked ‘wowness’.

  114. As much as I loved the whole fashion cities section, I think that maybe you guys could be the revolutionary crew to bring Australia (perhaps Sydney or Melbourne) into play with the fashion cities of the world.
    I feel very deprived as a citizen reading magazine after magazine about London, Paris, Milan and New York.
    What about us? We’re also defined by our fashion and we have top models, just look at Gemma Ward, Megan Gale, Elle Macpherson and Miranda Kerr.
    I’d love to see Australia featured, we have some awesome designers too; Sass and Bide, Wayne Cooper, Alex Perry, Collette Dinnigan, Alex Perry, Alice McCall and Akira Isogawa.
    It’s hard for me to write this because the place in Australia I come from, people don’t really know or care about big brand names or anything.
    But if I can motivate someone to stop ignoring Australia as a fashion capital, then I’ll be happy 🙂
    *Waves Australia Flag*


  115. Please! Could you make a publicity about my Club “Papparazi” (yeah, I know, is misspelled, but is just originality). In this Club we talk specially about celebrities and gossip, but also about the latest fashion and clothes at Stardoll and cheats to get free or and cool stuff.
    Please! I need this advertisment so much!
    And visit me at Stardoll, I’m PrincessMek.
    Super cool awesome magazine!!! 🙂
    Best wishes, XOXOX

  116. WOW i love the mag add me on stardoll ma account is chloeobrien1010 and mary u r gr8 and ur club is wicked i wanna write summin in the mag how can i ?

  117. I know you guys must get a lot of responses but I just wanted to let you know how ispiring I find your magazine. I have used this issues make up advice (which you can see on my Medoll) and it really has helped; I can put eyeliner on easily for myself but I was having real trouble with my Medoll. Thank you, I look forward to more to come :]

    – Dacey (daceeyy)

  118. i love it

  119. toppinthecake3

    GREAT MAGAZINE! Awesome!
    Magazinecritic will always try to find something bad to say about this magazine, so just ignore him or her. If magazinecritic doesn’t understand that ladies have boobs, well he or she’s a complete ignorant person. So, just ignore magazinecritiz.

  120. toppinthecake3

    GREAT MAGAZINE! Awesome!
    Magazinecritic will always try to find something bad to say about this magazine, so just ignore him or her. If magazinecritic doesn’t understand that ladies have boobs, well he or she’s a complete ignorant person. So, just ignore magazinecritic.

  121. WOW.
    How do you do it?!
    I wish I had you talents.


  122. Does that editor know ANYTHING about fashion? Those outfits were hideous and probably something my mom would wear rather than something that would come down the runway.

    So tacky that Paris Hilton wouldn’t wear it.

  123. Wow, amazing! Its soo nice!! I love the graphics!

  124. Hey really stop saying bad comments about the graphics because it’s really hard to make graphics I would like to see you try! So before you say stupid things, try to think about it 🙂

    By the way gorgeous issue!

  125. damn
    those graphics are AMAZING
    how’d you make those?

  126. LilSunShine91

    One word: STUNNING! :):P

  127. AllisonMyeisha(stardoll-user)

    I’m extremely impressed… I have never seen a stardoll-based magazine as good as this one. It was long, and instead of most of the pages only having a million words or just lame pictures… wow. Nice. Bravoo! I can’t wait to read more. x]

    It has high quality, too. I’m in love. xD

  128. 10000000000000000000000000000000000/100

  129. uuurgh, the outfits from the interview were so tacky, you could have done better

  130. The imagery is brill!

  131. Even though this issue came out a year ago, it’s still fabulous! And Britany & Noelle have the sme last name as me! 😀

  132. i loved it! but i was like the LONGEST magazine EVER! lol

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