83 responses to “January

  1. EternityMagazine

    Sorry for the delay!


    CoverGirl – Bluegreen86
    Runway Runaway – Robinbird00
    Crystal Dreams – paski_w_kropki

    Have a nice read!

  2. Lovely

  3. It’s too amazing, seriously!

  4. Amaaaazeballs!
    I love love LOVE the McQueen shoes 🙂

  5. Wordless! Just stunning… i can just go and hide in the basement with my graphics…

  6. It’s amazing!
    I love it!
    Eternity is my favourite magazine forever!

  7. I don´t have words! It´s amazing, perfect…
    Very good job!!

  8. woooow… It’s amazing… ((:

    Good luck…


    OMG it’s freaking amazing

  10. Miss_LolitaF / Lolita

    I love it!

  11. Overwhelmingly fantastic! It’s just perfect!
    The Diane Von Furstenberg skirt is amazingly detailed.

  12. Wonderful Job, I adore all the issue, so FFFierce!!!
    E is back Woop Woop

  13. Wow brilliant.. Got nothin else to say because worda cant explain how amazing this is… You are an amazing graphic artist!!! xxx

  14. colleenballeen

    Wow!! I love it!!



  16. I’m sorry, but sometimes you were totally off. I mean come on, you need to learn something about the human/stardoll body. Sometimes the hands were way too small, the feet are nearly in each graphic too small, legs & arms too thin. Look at the Perez’s hand that is holding the laptop, she really looks deformed. Melanie’s boobs are way too high in the last picture, her hands are too small. And on the cover picture, she looks really weird. Her foot has positioned very strange which makes it appear that her toes should be very long, her upperleg has this strange curve and where the hell is her butt? There’s more to say but I think I’ve already said enough.

  17. Charlessss ;D

    Ah, E is on top!! xoxox gotta love it.

  18. Cheerleader2648

    I love it

  19. Mel/Bluegreen86

    Wow this issue is great and a good way to prove E is finally back!

    As the Covergirl I am just a bit shocked. I thought we discussed what I was comfortable with, in our long talk on skype, and I thought only the cover was going to be nude. I didnt think the pose would be as sensual and out there either. I had no idea I would be only wearing fur in my photoshoots, and be nude in each one. I also was under the impression that you would make it clear I was wearing faux fur, and not real fur, but it doesn’t mention that anywhere.

    I just feel like this isn’t who I am, and im sorry that im a bit disappointed and flustered, but I really cannot control it.

    I have already been getting mail from close friends of mine, who are upset with how I was portrayed and I cannot say I disagree.

    It was really such an honor and great experience to work with the E team, and you all are such great people with amazing amounts of talent, it just stinks that it has to turn out this way.

  20. Jenna/Robinbird00

    Wow, Im so flattered! Thank you so much for using me! I must say, I love my shoes 🙂 The whole thing looks great! Good Work guys!

  21. Wow this is not what I expected I don’t rate it with great results, Mel was kind enough to say yes but then you put her nude? Thats just a bunch of BS. I am apauled.

  22. Melissa54321

    I think the graphics are GREAT. But yeah it’s a little racy. Let’s be honest though bad publicity isn’t always bad for a magazine. So keep your head up high Mary as this is a bump in the road. You have obviously put alot of work into this and maybe if you picked a different covergirl it would have been fine but Melanie isn’t okay with it so it puts alot of people against it. Better luck next time..

  23. Mel/Bluegreen86

    Throughout all this drama on all the blogs and in the stardoll world I really have realized just how beautiful the issue really is because whether or not it is who I am does not matter. It is just an issue for a Virtual Magazine where I am the muse of Mary and the E staff. They are E’s vision, and I signed up to represent them, whether I be in a banana suit or a beautiful gown, or in no clothing at all. With that being said it really was an honor to be a part of it, and I am thankful for my protective friends, but maybe we should all just agree to disagree on this issue. We are all going to have different opinions, which is good because if we didn’t life would be boring.

    But really, Eternity has comeback for good and I am so proud that they chose me to be the face of this very important issue!

    Thanks again!

  24. That is gorgeous.
    I especially love ‘The Pink Exposure’ page.
    Keep up the good work :]

  25. Its great^^
    i love itt
    you did such a good job 🙂

  26. Lovee it^^
    perfect 🙂

  27. Brilliant beyond belief.
    You are extremely talented(:

  28. Amazing!

  29. Ella / Orby123456789

    Totally fierce.

  30. Love it! Love it! Love it! The graphics and articles are great! Congratz XD!

  31. It looks like an issue of Playboy…

  32. This is better than all the world’s magazines. I was shocked (in a good way). I should go and hide in the basement with my graphics just like vampire_ xD

  33. dawnn < $ ; *

    this was a great issue , graphics are amazing but too much was “put out there” .

    overall this was a great comeback :]

  34. Mary, you always do the best graphics and this time it’s the same as others. I wish you to continue making those amazing graphics, cause when people look on them they’re eyes are relaxing.

  35. Graphics were okay, but some of the angles looked just plain unnatural. Half of them looked deformed.

    I think Mel was kind of misused…

    Good articles, though. Nice comeback.

  36. donnamagazine

    It was awsome! 🙂
    Good job!

    IF you have time and feel like it, you could always check out my magazine DONNA!


    Just for fun! xoxo

  37. simply stunning! EternityModels has done it again!

  38. Noni/A.K.A. noniismyname

    I absolutely love it. A bit racy and sexual but I still love it. The details are magnificent and I love the articles.
    Keep on working on this magazine!

  39. Can You Say Slutty?

  40. giesha-goddess

    I expected better than this Mary.

  41. It was perfect, way too sheer and kinda embarrassing and not right for someone as great as Melanie, but the graphics were good and so were the articles.. But I do see in the interview it says about faux fur and, and the cover was ok, just the graphics of Mel inside weird

  42. Perfect.

    Please visit theuniquemag.blogspot.com and tell me what you think about this mag.

  43. It’s so amazing!
    I love the graphics 😀

  44. The hands are too small, but it’s nice!

  45. It’s beautiful and well-made. I think the ‘nudity’ (it’s very understated) is tasteful and classy. It was a little short though.

  46. I liked that one.Nice concept & I don’t think that the cover looks pornographic,it uses nudity as art.
    I have to agree that Perez’s hand was too small but drawing human bodies is not the easiest thing ever so I don’t think people should complain as much.

  47. Visitor, yo. (:

    Lovely graphics! :O
    Keep up the uber epic work! (;
    Loved the stardoll balancing article, written lovelyly. (:

  48. EternityMagazine

    I am sorry for offending people who dislike watching Art, Nudity as Art and their own bodies in the shower, but I’d also like to notify about deleting all the Anonymous comments due to the fact it’s the same person. Beware of your ID, guys, we see everything 😉

  49. giesha-goddess

    Oh my fucking God Mary there is no way at all you can tell if it’s the same person!!!

    You just cannot handle people having negative opinions about your mag. Not everyone likes slutty, racist images Mary.

    Mature up a bit m’kay? It’s so fucking annoying when people cannot accept freedom of speech.

  50. Well, kuddos for the hard work on the graphics, they look really great.

    On the other hand, Mary, do you ALWAYS have to cause a contreversy? Gosh. I know,I know it’s just dollies but still is it just me or is this magazine a porno one? Seriously! Mel looks like she’s ready to have sex in the 2nd graphic of hers… don’t mind me while I puke

  51. Great graphics though Some of them were too small like hands.
    Good comeback this is the third time i’ve see it and I couldn’t help notice you have deleated some comments, as a magazine editor and writer (I’m talking about you) Don’t you think you could have handled that critizem a bit better, deleating comments won’t make the person think anymore of it, possibly less. I’m appauled at how you treated Mel make her look slutty But It’s Just made out of pixels.
    I Loved the article about the runway runaway, the graphics were amazing there,
    Overall i’d give it 4 stars out of 5.

  52. I love all the writing but i was a little taken back by the pictures of mel. High fashion or victoria secret issue? I think possibly some boundaries need to be drawn, especially if mel wasn’t informed.

  53. Niiice.
    But kinda deformed hands though, on Perez’s article.
    Not perfect, but still

  54. I’m not sure I see what all the fuss about the ‘nudity’ is about. There is nothing particularly offensive here except cleavage, and we’ve all seen that on a doll before anyway. Maybe the concept may be a bit shocking to some people, but it’s a doll, and it’s ‘rude bits’ are covered up. I’ve seen worse things on real people. Open up any celeb magazine and you will see cleavage, legs, and probably a bum too.
    Grow up people, stop trying to find scandal in everything.

  55. Maria Aniela-Paski_w_kropki

    I love it!
    Thank you.

  56. To be honest the naked bit didn’t really catch what I really wanted : S

    But the magazine just one word

  57. My opinion is why do u even have nudity

    its discusting and horrible im only 9 u think i like it no :\

    i think i should never read this magazine ever ever again

  58. Eternity magazine is a good mag. This issue is nice, I just think the mel shoot was, I don’t know, a bit too revealing? My opinion. But the rest is absolutely fab!

  59. Hello guys! I am brigi_brigitte from stardoll, and I would love to be a model at your great magazine! I have a really good taste and I own a pretty famous blog.
    Thank you and XOXO

  60. Quite frankly, this is absolutely disgusting. Goodbye.

  61. amazing!!! love love love the magazine!
    keep rockin!


  63. This is really amazing,
    But good on Mel for saying what she really thinks,
    All stardoll members are in for on magazines are the good graphics and fashion,
    But when you look Deeper Nudity just doesn’t cut it.
    Good on everyone for saying what they really think.
    but, maybe think twice next time.

  64. I love Eternity magazine! I am so happy that is back on track! I would love to see myself on the cover!
    Well, good luck and keep doing your job! You rock!
    XOXO, Bridget(a.k.a brigi_brigitte from Stardoll)

  65. I think this is absolutely amazing. Even though I disagree with Melanie when she says the nudity is beautiful, the rest of the magazine is wonderful. 🙂

  66. Love it! 🙂

  67. Hello guys! I own a blog called stardollbang.wordpress.com and I am searching for a writer! I want somebody with experience and a good gramar. And to be an active stardoll member, of course!
    If you want to be a writer or you know somebody contact me!
    My stardoll username is brigi_brigitte

  68. Nudity isn’t beauty.

  69. For the runway runaway, second picture…
    the bunny ears are by Marc Jacobs…

  70. EternityMagazine

    @Alexa: Marc Jacobs designs for Louis Vuitton. That’s fall-winter’09-10

    I know,just forgot to mention those.
    As on the first Runway Runaway picture, the vest is Forever 21, as on SD, shoes are John Galliano and the fan is by Lust. Shorts are DKNY

  71. hi =)
    i have no words to express what i’m feeling when i look at your magazine and read it…
    you’re awsome…amazing…heh… =)
    i’m interested in participating in work of your magazine…writing,being a model,doing graphics…anything =)
    please let me know if you would take me in anyway 😉

  72. When I finished reading my mouth was hanging open and my sister said “What are you staring at with that stupid expression”
    Hehe :]

  73. i’ve learned soo much by reading your magazine. i understand where alot of people are coming from with the negative comments and the nudity suprised me, but as a designer, i think the talent is very apparent. it wasnt what i thought it would be though as far as the articles. 4/5

  74. The new eternity is ok I guess but I think its lacking what the old ones had and that is realistic graphics which made eternity stand out from the crowd as well as its amount of stardoll graphics which really made its statement on the ‘society’ of fashion obsessed stunners. so Im slightly disapointed now, but anyhow good magazine although a little to much fur for a vegan.

  75. wow, the quality of the magazine is amazing but the nudity is a HUGE no no. SHE HAS NO UNDERWEAR ON!!! how could u be ok with that. my parents would have been shocked if they saw me looking at that ;/

  76. Where do you do this art work? One of my friends asks my bigger sister because she is at one of these virtual magazines. Can anyone tell me and also I have a Mac(Apple) computer!

  77. my name is lol chicalot how did u do the graphics did u do them urself???
    PLZ TELL ME CAUS i am makin my own mag but i need 2 know… AHHHHHH

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