The September Issue is coming…

Under Construction.



30 responses to “The September Issue is coming…

  1. blueberry-dream

    First comment ;D and yaaay

  2. 😀 yess!

  3. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. I just wanted to comment.

  5. Can’t wait! Woop Woop! 🙂

  6. I’ve waited so long for this ! i cant wait

  7. It’s pretty sad that it’s still not out yet…I’ve been waiting for more than a month now :/

  8. Dude september is almost over when exactly are you going to publish it?

  9. Yeah. Today is the last day of September. Any September fashion tips don’t even count by now…

  10. woot, first graphic on the day of its release!

  11. ok,no pressure or anything, but its 02/10 and still nothing.

  12. Okay, seriously? It’s october. No posts. I’m not reading it.

  13. Well, Eternity is a great mag, and I can’t wait!!! But, the problem is, I AM waiting. It is almost November. Please tell me it isn’t cancelled!!

  14. i agree with the person above me. this is ridiculous!! get it together Eternity its almost november :/

  15. Funny, it’s November already :/

  16. I hope theyy release the mag soon xx

  17. Umm this September or September ’11? 😐

  18. Last comment made me laugh. Give it up! The graphics are shitty and you guys can’t commit.

  19. agree completely with Lorrie…it’s December 7th. Really?

  20. Woah, I Love Eternity But I’ve Been Waiting Over 3 Months Now, Seriously Guys..

  21. Is the 24th of December. Do you remember? I love this site but you do not update ever!

  22. It’s 1st January 2011. Someone is a bit forgetful. Looks like you don’t care about your magazine. No hate.

  23. Good bye Eternity 😦

  24. Aw im sure it will be great :]

  25. Toxxic.angel

    Charlotte is the wrong person to own a magazine…
    ver wrong in deed!

  26. Umm… It’s July 2011…

  27. lol this magazine is Sooo over. its been a year

  28. Haha guys, you think she means September 2014? lol

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